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The Great Recession misled millennials: It made them think high home prices will eventually come down

History often repeats itself — but when it comes to the current housing market, don't hold your breath. If you were a homebuyer in the mid-2000s, today's hot market might look eerily familiar. Like many of your fellow Americans, you might be wondering when this housing cycle will come to a close and bring prices back down to earth. It won't be that simple this time around. That's because the US...

Where to Buy Now: City

NOTES: Median sale prices are for 2021. For Chicago neighborhoods, the data is for townhouses and condos in the encompassing community area. SOURCE: Midwest Real Estate Data $372,000 (sold), 6438 S. Woodlawn Ave., 3 bedrooms, 1,750 sq. ft.Photograph: Vis Home South Side WOODLAWN Median sale price: $235,500 Five-year change: 188% Bordered by Washington Park and the Midway Plaisance to the north...

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